Our Ambition

miDiagnostics wants to bring miniaturized, rapid, easy-to-use, lab-quality tests with built in connectivity direct to the patient and clinician.

To do this, we are working to transform attitudes to diagnostic testing, currently dominated by centralised laboratory testing, and provide accurate and integrated disease analysis, enabling rapid access to lab-quality diagnostic information for everyone, anywhere and anytime.

Our Technology

Cameras and chip processors built in our smartphones currently exist of billions of transistors. We apply the power of massive parallelization and miniaturization to microfluidics: many fluidic handling steps occur in parallel at a very small scale resulting in very fast turnaround times.

A key strength of semiconductor technologies is the diversity of nanofluidic processors that can be produced on a single manufacturing platform. This level of mass customization is still unprecedented in high-volume manufacturing industries. We have designed various nanofluidic processors that fit on the same platform for applications in cytology, molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry and immunoassays, or a combination of these.

An outstanding characteristic of silicon micromachining is the precise control of features at the sub-micron level. We take advantage of this property to create disposable test cards that have the quality and accuracy of lab-based tests.

Our Products

We are developing three nanoFluidic Processors to measure and quantify cells, nucleic acids, proteins and small molecules

They form the basis for a variety of test cards to diagnose specific medical conditions, such as early screening and treatment of infectious diseases (eg. HPV, GBS, and HIV/HCV/HBV), rapid diagnosis of acute diseases (eg. viral versus bacterial infection, meningitis, and upper and lower respiratory tract infection), and home monitoring of patients (eg. HIV treatment efficacy, organ transplant CMV infection, and chemotherapy monitoring). Our miniaturized, easy-to-use, portable tests deliver lab-quality results directly to patients, clinicians and other non-clinical professionals via their compatible devices within 15 minutes.

The Concept

Test Card

Single use
Embedded with silicon chip
Analyzes drops of blood


Multiple use
Reads the test card
Connects via USB cable

Personal Device

User interface
Tablet/mobile phone


Processing & computation
HIS connectivity

Less than 15 minutes to results

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Globally Shifting Healthcare

Our Team


Nicolas Vergauwe
Alexander Goemans
Peter Peumans
Ben Chambers
VP Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Christopher Adams
VP Product Development

Board of directors

Dr. Rudi Pauwels
Chairman and serial entrepreneur
Dr. Ir. Urbain Vandeurzen
Co-Chairman and serial entrepreneur
Marc Coucke
Serial entrepreneur
Luc Van den hove
CEO imec
Roderick Verhelst
Senior Investment Manager, PMV
Dr. Stuart C. Ray, MD
Professor of Medicine and Oncology, Johns Hopkins University
Pieter Bourgeois
Investment Manager, Alychlo
Michel Akkermans
Serial entrepreneur
Peter Verhaeghe
Managing partner of VVGB Law