Leuven is one of the world’s prime regions for health, high-tech and creativity. A region with a unique ecosystem of companies cooperating with knowledge institutions and the government, with MindGate creating a perfect breeding ground for companies, entrepreneurs, investors and talent. Leuven MindGate brings parties together in a so-called Triple Helix model, consolidating the region’s position by improving the interdisciplinary relations between these sectors.

Leuven MindGate has two clear goals for the benefit of the whole region of Leuven:

  • Position the region internationally as a top destination in health, high-tech and creativity
    Leuven MindGate participates in national and international projects, missions, trade fairs and constantly aims to make Leuven MindGate worldwide top of mind when it comes to health, high-tech and creativity.
  • Strengthen the region’s eco(n)system for the benefit of local companies:
    Leuven MindGate improves cross-pollination between these sectors by letting them interact, cooperate, and co-create. This creates a unique ecosystem and perfect breeding ground for companies, entrepreneurs, investors and international talent.

For miDiagnostics, as an ambitious start-up based in Leuven, being a member of Leuven MindGate allows to be informed about and receive access to exclusive Leuven MindGate member activities and content and allows the opportunity to participate in local and international projects such as trade fairs and international missions.